How I empower you to be the change you need in your life

No two sessions are the same. As your needs change, I’ll draw from my toolbox of skills and knowledge to integrate the various modalities and create a unique session.  Just for you.


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Break Your Patterns in 60-90 Minute Sessions

Your First Session Is Always 90 Minutes

I’ll use a variety of techniques and tools including touching acupressure points, clearing meridians and flower remedies. You’ll be asked to lie on a massage table, fully clothed. If you prefer, you can sit or stand for the muscle testing process.

Our sessions are unhurried, gentle and completely confidential. Afterwards, you’ll feel calm, balanced and often energised. A period of integration, with the energy continuing to have an effect after the session, may continue for a few days. You will often receive suggested tasks to do at home which will reinforce the balance.