I have assisted many clients to regain balance and live more fulfilled lives.

I was recommended to Chrissy by a close girlfriend, after the very sudden and sad loss of my beautiful Mum earlier this year. I am usually a very happy, positive, and balanced woman but found I had lost part of myself during this very personal ordeal. As soon as Chrissy and I met, I felt an instant connection. She enveloped me with her professional, but very caring nature, reassuring me that she was there for me on all levels, and by no means suggested numerous sessions if indeed Kinesiology wasn’t for me, after never having had this type of therapy previously. I very quickly knew that Chrissy was definitely the person for me, and after my first session, I knew that I was on the right track to heal myself. I have now had 3 sessions with Chrissy over 2 months, and I can now say I am on a path of self healing and self love, and clarity, knowing that what she was able to give me, was a look into my own personal journey, and the tools to reshape my life into a positive, happy, and fulfilled one. I cannot speak highly enough of this amazingly talented, professional, empathetic woman. Just make that first appointment as you will always be grateful.

Lisa, Sydney

After hitting a couple of significant obstacles in my life I needed help and guidance. I’d heard of kinesiology however I was unaware of the subtle impact it would have in helping me overcome these obstacles and move forward. Over the past year I can reflect on where I’ve come from and where I am now which is a much better place, this is all thanks to Chrissy. She has been a truly wonderful, caring and trustworthy person who I would highly recommend with my hand on my heart. She has such a beautiful soul, who is true to her profession and beliefs. Thank you Chrissy

Justene, business owner, Sydney

Chrissy is a gifted and deeply committed kinesiologist and healer. Having been a long-time client, I can say hands down that my life and health are infinitely better as a consequence of the work I have done with Chrissy. Working with Chrissy has resulted in significant improvements in my health and wellbeing, enabling me to feel more confident professionally, more in-tune with my health and better able to read and respond to my body’s needs. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Nicole, Sydney

When I learnt that she was developing her professional website I insisted upon writing a testimonial to share with you the specialness that is Chrissy.

I first met Chrissy almost 20 years ago when she was living and working in Hong Kong and came to see me for naturopathic health advice.

From the very first I was struck by the wonderful personal qualities she had and which haven’t changed to this very day.

As well as being extraordinarily kind and caring, Chrissy is honest, trustworthy and intelligent, and one of the most genuine people I have ever met. She is loved, valued and respected by a great many people, which says so much about her as a human being.

For as long as I have known her, Chrissy felt a ‘calling’ to the world of natural therapies and now I’m delighted to welcome her into this wonderful world of healing as a fellow practitioner.

I’ve also taken the opportunity when in Sydney of switching roles and as a patient experiencing ‘practitioner’ Chrissy, and I can honestly say that I am very impressed.

I’m impressed not only by her knowledge and skills, but that as a practitioner she has what we might call the ‘X factor’ – that special way of being that makes you, as a patient, feel truly safe, seen and cared for – because you know you are.

It is my pleasure and privilege to wholeheartedly recommend Chrissy to you.

Jennifer Walker, Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Mentor, Spiritual Counsellor
Hong Kong